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BuzzBands.LA - Premier "Nobody Wants to be My Baby"

Northern Transmissions- Song of the Day- "Is This Really Love"

Milk Crater - "I could listen to this a thousand times and the charm wouldn’t wear off. It just feels genuine."

BuzzBands.LA - "Bird Concerns make art-pop for sophisticated palates"

We Close Tonight - "utterly charming "

Never Enough Notes - "Their glasses scream David Byrne but their music shouts California summer"

H-Blog - "Thankfully, there are bands like Bird Concerns to deliver a steady stream of the good stuff"

Spreading The Seed - “Vocal magic, sublime production - utterly euphonious!"

Purple Melon - My Favorite Tree out now

Take A Shot - "LA-four piece Bird Concerns have announced their new song"

Abduction Radiation - “Reminiscent of the sweet indie pop rock sounds that has a perfect mix"

Milk Crater - "Bird Concerns have rapidly fluttered into my heart of hearts"

A&R Factory - “It is about the sobering realization that what once was may no longer be"

Purple Melon Music - In The UK

Independent Clauses - "The major key folk aesthetics meet a West Coast indie-pop sensibility to create a light"

Mapambulo - Bird Concerns in German

The Deli Magazine LA - "an art pop quintet that manifests a steady elegance in their warm, light-jazzed compositions, capturing a seasoned musicality that's mostly absent in today's more ramshackle indie rock bands"


Bird Concerns is a Los Angeles based garage rock band. Bird Concerns began as a collaboration between Seattle based Marcus Buser, and SoCal native Travis Meador. The two songwriters bonded over a mutualappreciation of surfing and Simon & Garfunkel while studying jazz and classical music in college. With the addition of drummer Cooper Wolken and guitarist Jake Sucher the band has grown to a full rock and roll quartet with four part vocal arrangements, interweaving guitars, and infectious grooves. 

Marcus Buser- Bass/Vocals
Travis Meador- Guitar/Vocals
Jake Sucher- Guitar/Vocals
Cooper Wolken- Drums/Vocals